RecipesHomemade Fresh Flour Tortillas Recipe

Homemade Fresh Flour Tortillas Recipe

This simple method of how to make homemade fresh flour tortillas recipe will make you a firm believer of cooking from scratch is more flavorful and actually more frugal.

There is just something about the taste of the homemade tortilla that wraps you up in its warm and comforting embrace. Making these tortillas will be a favorite side dish for many meals for years to come.

Homemade Fresh Flour Tortillas Recipe

With the recipe and helpful video below, you will find that these tortillas are laced with tradition. They are so light and tasty that you will never lower your standards to buy tortillas from a supermarket again.

With just a few cups of flour, some baking powder, salt, shortening, and warm water, you can make some of the fluffiest and soul-soothing tortillas that you have ever tasted.

This delicious recipe, you will make up to 14 tortillas if you keep them around 8 inches in diameter, which means you will have plenty for all types of meals from snack wraps to dinners. You may find yourself even sneaking one or two to eat just as they are. You may even find yourself making a double batch just so you can ensure you don’t run out before the week is over.

We all have those family traditions that make for some great memories that we hope to pass down to our children in hopes of keeping them alive and well for generations to come. There’s something so comforting about these traditions that they can bring about such peace within us. One such tradition that any family would want to add to their own set, if they don’t already have this one, is to make their own flour tortillas.

all-purpose flour
baking powder
lard or shortening
warm water

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