Juicing & SmoothiesHomemade Frozen Fruit Smoothie Cubes

Homemade Frozen Fruit Smoothie Cubes

Making homemade frozen fruit smoothie cubes is a great way to keep a constant supply a ready made smoothies on hand. Fruits smoothies can be an easy way to nourish your body with essential nutrients.

It is as simple as peeling, dicing and dropping them into a blender. Pour the mixture into deep ice cube trays and freeze. Once frozen remove from deep ice cube tray and place in a freezer gallon sized Ziplock bag. Write date and flavor (ingredients) on the label of the Ziplock bag.

To use your frozen smoothie cubes: Blend frozen smoothie cubes in addition to your liquid base (water, juice, almond milk, milk or yogurt and such) until smooth. You can either blend your smoothie frozen, or you can defrost the smoothie cubes in the fridge the night before you make it.

This is a great way to use fruit or vegetables that soon to be overripe and that may go to waste.

When your favorite fruit or vegetable goes on sale, spurge and make homemade frozen fruit smoothie cubes as a way of preserving your bounty.

Giving your family members a smoothie instead of a sugar soda pop provides benefits that will keep them on the right track towards good health. Yes, fruit has natural sugars in it but is the kind your body craves.

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Homemade Frozen Fruit Smoothie Cubes
Homemade Frozen Fruit Smoothie Cubes

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Homemade Frozen Fruit Smoothie Cubes

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