DIY ProjectsHomemade Frozen Ice PVC Tube Containers DIY Project

Homemade Frozen Ice PVC Tube Containers DIY Project

This Homemade Frozen Ice PVC Tube Containers DIY Project is a detailed in a step by step tutorial. It is a frugal way to use inexpensive material to get a durable container to freeze water in. Great for camping, emergencies and to return meat from hunting safely preserved.

Homemade Frozen Ice PVC Tube Containers DIY Project

 The following is a backup frozen ice pack plan that is more effective than bought ice packs. They are made out of PVC pipes, which can be bought at home improvement stores. Get a 10-foot pipe to cut down along with some glue. Then, follow the rest of the instructions.

First, take the PVC pipes and cut them to one foot long each. Next, clean those pipes and then make sure they are dry before gluing on the caps. Let them sit out and dry to prevent any future leaking. When filling it with water, go by this measurement: 12” x 2” = 2 ¼ cups, 12” x 1.5” = 1 1/3 cups, a 16 oz. water bottle =1 ¾ cups. Also, have a second set of hands holding the caps down when filling the tubes with water. Glue the top cap and let it dry again for another whole day before putting in the freezer.


These PVC pipes, now cold, will remain colder for a few hours longer than ice packs because there is more ice inside the tube. The big difference is that the PVC tubes won’t perspire like an ice pack. It will stay dry anywhere for any use. These tubes are perfect to place by perishing foods and drinks to keep them cold. It is helpful for moments of no power, where it can be taken out of the freezer and placed in the fridge to keep those items cool.

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