DIY ProjectsHomemade Frugal PVC Platform Fun Swing Project

Homemade Frugal PVC Platform Fun Swing Project

This tutorial of how to make a homemade frugal PVC platform fun swing project that will bring hours of laughter of family and friends. The yard swing is one of the most popular outdoor toys of all time, it comes in a wide range of shapes and sizes depending on who makes it.

Homemade Frugal PVC Platform Fun Swing Project

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This do it yourself project was created and shared in hopes to help other families with wanting a way for two of their kids to swing safely together.

The plan is extremely easy to follow and all of the supplies that are called for in the plan can be acquired from almost any local hardware or supply store. The creator had an additional goal in mind when they came up with the unique platform idea, they wanted it to be extra lightweight in case one of their kids got hit by it when swinging.

Materials Needed for Project:

(2) 10 foot lengths of 1-inch Schedule 80 white PVC pipe
1-inch PVC 90 degree corners
PVC cement & PVC primer (a.k.a. purple primer)
100 feet of hollow braided poly rope (length dependent on how high your tree is)
75-100 yards of 1-inch nylon webbing
pop rivet tool and 1/2 inch pop rivets

Benefits of reading and following the DIY Platform Swing Project

● Project includes a complete plan that includes of the supplies needed to complete it

● It also includes a step by step instruction guide that makes it easy to complete it

● It also has several full color pictures that give a visual representation of the instructions

Some people have used an old tire and sturdy rope tied to the biggest tree in the yard, while others would buy a commercially made swing. This version is actually a very unique swing in that it is designed to hold more than one child at a time.

Click here to read about how to make a homemade frugal PVC platform fun swing project:

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