Natural RemediesHomemade Fruit Kvass For Probiotic Benefits

Homemade Fruit Kvass For Probiotic Benefits

Make fruit kvass for the probiotic benefits. You can make kvass from just about any fruit or mixture of fruit. You can even make it out of peel and seeds that otherwise would be thrown out. Fermented foods are very beneficial to our gut health. Before refrigeration people fermented many of their foods as a way to keep them for longer.

Homemade Fruit Kvass For Probiotic Benefits

Today we don’t eat many fermented foods. While most of do eat pickles and yogurt there are many other foods we could be eating that are fermented and hold probiotic benefits. Some may have heard of kefir, kombucha, kimchi and a few might eat sauerkraut. For the most part not many are eating plenty of fermented foods.

This kvass is an easy way to add fermented food to your diet without having  to eat things that seem totally foreign to you. Since it is made with fruit or fruit peel it is recognizable to everyone and will seem like a fruit drink. This tutorial for making kvass and a recipe for a nice fruit mixture is from Mother Earth News.

To make this recipe that will provide 20 servings you will need.

½-gallon jar

• ½ cup blueberries, fresh or frozen

• 1/3 cup strawberries, fresh or frozen

• 1 orange, cut into pieces

• 1 tsp good-quality salt (gray sea salt or pink Himalayan)

• ¼ cup homemade whey (optional)

• ½ gallon pure water, no chlorine or flouride

Soon you can be drinking your kvass and enjoying the benefits of probiotics it provides.

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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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