Meal in a JarHomemade Fudge Brownie Mix in a Jar Recipe

Homemade Fudge Brownie Mix in a Jar Recipe

This homemade fudge brownie mix in a jar recipe is a mixture of pre measured dry ingredients that are just waiting for liquid ingredients to create a delicious dessert.

Instead of buying brownie boxed mixes from a grocery store:
~ Buy ingredients (flour, brown sugar, sugar, salt, baking powder, cocoa, chocolate chips and optional chopped walnuts)
~ Clean a case of mason jars
~ Pre measure out each ingredient into each mason jar
~ Be sure to click the print button so you add the recipe to each mason jar or tape up on the inside your kitchen cabinet.

Homemade Fudge Brownie Mix in a Jar Recipe

Sweet desserts are the best way to cap off a delicious meal each evening or even have on-hand for a wonderful snack after lunch to get through the rest of the day. There are several that one can make at home for one’s self or one’s family that will certainly fit this description, but there is always that one that stands out for most of us as the simply the best: brownies. There’s just something about the sweet aroma of brownies that can bring about powerful memories, both old and new, as one throws together the fudgy goodness that comes with this chocolate filled dessert.

When you have tired of making ones from a box and want to try your hand at some from scratch, you will love the recipe you’ll find below. It’s the perfect one for creating your own personal stash within your pantry as well as gifts you can give at the office, to teachers, and anyone else you can think of for any holiday or celebration. To make this scrumptious dessert from scratch, you will need to gather up some ingredients from the dry that include flour, packed brown sugar, sugar, salt, baking powder, cocoa, chocolate chips, and walnuts (which are optional).

These dry ingredients can be placed in jars or bags until you’re ready to add the rest to make the best brownies you’ve ever tasted without them coming from a box. To make your batch complete, you’ll want to add some eggs, water, oil, and vanilla. Bake and enjoy over and over again.

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