Homemade Gingerbread Flavored Syrup

Homemade Gingerbread Flavored Syrup

This is the perfect recipe for fall. Make your own gingerbread flavored syrup to eat on waffles or pancakes, over ice cream or in your hot beverages. Any way you can use a flavored syrup this can be your fall flavor. There are so many recipes for preparing syrups at home. You can prepare them in many different flavors. These syrups are used to add an extra boost to your day to day meals.

Homemade Gingerbread Flavored Syrup

For example, they are used to add a touch of flavor to your drinks and beverages, pancakes are often enjoyed with a drizzle of syrup and maple syrup is most commonly used for this purpose, and syrups can be used to sweeten cereals and yogurt. Syrups are not only used for extra sweet taste in the meals but to also add some texture. Syrups make it easy to eat particularly dry meals. It is like how people often eat ketchup and sauces with their food. In this recipe from the Taste of Home, Darlene Brendon has outlined a recipe for making gingerbread spice syrup at home.

The main ingredient is the ginger root accompanied by spices. You can enjoy this syrup with your coffee and tea. Apart from adding it to sweet dishes, you can use them for savory dishes as well like chicken chops. The ginger root and spices in the syrup not only boost the taste but enhance the aroma of the recipe you are using it with.

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