DessertsHomemade Gluten Free Dairy Queen Blizzard

Homemade Gluten Free Dairy Queen Blizzard

Are the Dairy Queens near you open all winter? Ours isn’t, I think they go south for the winter. They always close at the end of September and don’t re-open till Memorial Day and we miss the blizzards so much in the winter. Not that we eat blizzards all the time they are closed like half of the year and we do like blizzards once in a while. Well today we got lucky. Brave Tart has shared a recipe for making the blizzard at home. She did trial and error on eggs and the dairy to get it down to a perfect match with Dairy Queen so now if your local DQ is closed for half of every year you can satisfy those cravings at your house by making your own. She provides the recipe for the base and then you can make it your favorite blizzard by adding your pick of add-ins. I like the tropical one with the coconut and the pineapple and I will add some pecans as well. Mmmmm.  If making blizzards seems like too much work and you just want a bowl of ice cream, maybe you would like some Homemade Coconut Oil “Magic Shell” Ice Cream Topping Recipe on it.


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