DairyHomemade Greek Yogurt Cheese

Homemade Greek Yogurt Cheese

      If you like goat cheese, try this recipe for making homemade yogurt cheese than turns out very similar to goat cheese. Taste Love And Nourish shares instructions for taking as much whey out of the Greek yogurt as possible and adding olive oil and mint and or other herbs roll it up and serve it the same way you would goat cheese. If you can’t find goat cheese in the store or it is very expensive to buy, just pick up some Greek yogurt and make this as an alternative to the goat cheese. It would have a lot less calories than goat cheese which could be a big plus for some folks as well.

      The instructions call for cheese cloth when removing the excess whey but I saw someone in the comments said that coffee filters work really well so if you don’t have any cheese cloth but you do have coffee filters you could try it with those until you see if you like the cheese enough to stock cheese cloth.



Click here to read more>>>>>>    http://www.tasteloveandnourish.com/2013/07/31/greek-yogurt-cheese/

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