Homemade Gun Lubricant Recipes


Great northern prepper shares a couple of recipes for homemade gun oil. He also stresses that this is untried by him and that it is just something to print and add to your prep or survival manuals for just in case one day you would absolutely need these recipes.

   I have a lot of these type articles in my just in case binder, like how to trap and skin rabbits and squirells ( I have them printed out, I am hopeing to never ever need them) but if I do I will have them. I also have a lot of wild edible and wild herbal medicine recipes in these binders.

   We can all just run to a store or pharmacy right now but there may come a time when you can’t. That is when you will be glad you have made a couple of just in case binders and can help your self.

photo credit greatnorthernprepper.com
photo credit greatnorthernprepper.com