CraftsHomemade Halloween Giant Spider in a Spiderweb

Homemade Halloween Giant Spider in a Spiderweb

This step by step tutorial of how to make a homemade Halloween giant spider in a spiderweb project is a frugal yard decoration that will scare EVERYBODY that quickly passes by it.

Decorating yards can be extremely enjoyable especially when it’s Halloween. Choosing themes, selecting your costumes and decorating your yard is the best part about this occasion. Juveniles and even adults like to dress up as super heroes, cartoon characters and pretty princesses. Doing your yard harmonious to the costume you wear will give you greater festivity vibes.

If you go for a spider man theme then you can creatively prepare your garden for Halloween. You could make a giant spider in a spider net which will complement your theme.

The things you will need for the Halloween yard décor include:

• White Poly Clothesline
• 8 tubes of 1/2″ Pipe Insulation
• 8 1/2″ pvc elbow joints
• 2 mini red reflectors
• Black electrical tape
• Black spray paint
• Two large black trash bags
• Filler (old sheets, newspaper, plastic bags, etc)
• Scissors

Homemade Halloween Giant Spider in a Spiderweb

The procedure of making the giant spider and the spider web is very easy. Paint the elbow joints day before making the spider. For the spider’s body you need to use the large trash bag and keep adding fillers until the trash bag has a round body like structure. Attach the elbow joints using a tape. Once the spider is made you can either make the web using the above given materials or use a prepackaged spider webbing.

Put the spider you have made into the web that you made with the cloth, spray and black electrical tape. This DIY spider and spider web are very easy to create and will give your yard the best Halloween look ever.

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Melissa Francis
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