CleanersHomemade Hardwood Floor Cleaner Cleaning Frugal Recipe

Homemade Hardwood Floor Cleaner Cleaning Frugal Recipe

This Homemade Hardwood Floor Cleaner Cleaning Frugal Recipe is so simple it has only 3 ingredients – Water, Vinegar, and Essential Oils.

 Homemade Hardwood Floor Cleaner Cleaning Frugal Recipe - The Homestead Survival - Frugal Household

One of the best ways to cut down on your household expenses is to make your own homemade household cleaner and personal care products. Most of these products are made using only all-natural ingredients unlike most of the commercially sold products that contain dangerous chemicals. This article was designed to introduce the reader to a recipe for making a strong wood flooring cleaner.


Use a damp — not saturated — sponge mop to wash with warm water. If your wood floor is really dirty, try a solution of 1/8 cup plant-based liquid soap  and 1/8 cup distilled white vinegar to 1 gallon water (some people like to add 10 drops essential oil for fragrance). For ceramic and stone floors (including marble), use warm water and a pH-neutral all-purpose cleaner.

The author created and shared this article in hopes to help others discover the benefits of making and using homemade household cleaners like this wood floor cleaners. The recipe includes a complete listing of the things that you will need to have on hand and it also describes all of the steps that you need to follow in order to make the wood flooring cleaner.

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Melissa Francis
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