DIY ProjectsHomemade Hay Bale Swimming Pool DIY Project

Homemade Hay Bale Swimming Pool DIY Project

Homemade Hay Bale Swimming Pool DIY Project can be made with fairly frugal materials and a few good friends help over a weekend.

Homemade Hay Bale Swimming Pool DIY Project

If a 30,000 dollar in ground pool isn’t in your near future, you can still enjoy the luxury of relaxing in your very own pool through the help of a few bales of hay. Yes you read that right, 14 bales of hay to be exact. Along with a few additional supplies and materials you can build a temporary or semi permanent hay bale pool for under 300 dollars.

To get started you will need the 14 bales of hay, which can be found at your local hardware store. Or to save on costs a bit, look into your local landscape company to see if they can supply you with straw bales, same concept yet cheaper product. Next you will need a large tarp, heavy duty duct tape, and of course a water source.

To construct the pool, begin by building the perimeter of your pool with the bales of hay. With 14 bales, place three on each end, and four along the sides. Next place the large tarp inside making sure to tightly tuck the edges into the bales to hold in place. The duct tape is for repairs as hay or straw can be quite sharp and may puncture the tarp. After making sure the tarp is secure, fill the pool with water. While this pool is made with a tarp for a little over 100 dollars you could actually buy a pool liner which would be a little tougher than a tarp. I think I would put the tarp on first just to protect the liner from and sharp hay bits.

It is best to let the sun warm the pool up a bit, but otherwise, it is ready to enjoy. For a more permanent pool, and maybe more aesthetically pleasing look,construct wooden side paneling and tops to cover the bales and exposed tarp. To warm the water in cooler times you can make some lily pad heaters. Watch the video below to see how.

There you have it, a pool of your very own for a fraction of the cost.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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