Homemade Hay Feeder That Prevents Waste DIY Project

DIY Hay Feeder Prevents Waste and Rain Soaked Hay

If you have hay eating livestock on your homestead, you might need this. Build a diy hay feeder that prevents wasted hay and ruined hay from getting rained on.

DIY Hay Feeder Prevents Waste and Rain Soaked Hay

This feeder would work for sheep and goats. Possibly it would work for other animals as well if you made the cover taller. A big part of homesteading is raising livestock for both food and income. The income also helps to cover the expenses. Hay is the most common of all feed for most livestock found on homestead. It provides most of the necessary nutrients needed by the animals. This article was designed to introduce the reader to a project that shows how to build a good hay feeder system.

This diy hay feeder idea and how to is from, Carlos Cunha. The author wrote the article in hopes to share their knowledge and experience in homesteading. They created a hay feeder that helped to solve a problem with hay getting wet when it would be laid on the ground while feeding the animals.

Benefits of reading the DIY Hay Feeder Prevents Waste and Rain Soaked Hay

Learn how easy it could be build your own simple hay feeder system that you can use on your own homestead to feed your animals.
The article describes all of the necessary materials, supplies and tools that are needed to have on hand to get started.
It also includes a detailed description of the steps that were used to construct the hay feeder.
The article includes numerous full-color pictures that help to provide a good visual reference for the project.