UncategorizedHomemade Henna Paste Recipe and Apply to Skin

Homemade Henna Paste Recipe and Apply to Skin

This homemade henna paste recipe and apply to skin is a simple tutorial that shares a creative fun activity for bridal showers, birthdays and spa retreats with your girlfriends.

Homemade Henna Paste Recipe and Apply to Skin

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What You Will Need:

• Fresh Henna Powder – (Buy Here)

• Lemon juice

• Sugar

• Tea Tree Essential Oils (Buy Here)

• Non-metal mixing bowl and spoon (Buy Here)

• Henna Applicator Kit (Buy Here)

• Plastic wrap

• ZipLock bag

• Pre-Made Mehandi Cone (Red) (Buy Here)

• Rubbing alcohol

• Olive oil

• Mild soap

• Gloves for handling Henna (Buy Here)

• Tape

• Scissors

Optional: Henna Mehendi Mehndi Stencil Sheets (Buy Here)

Henna has been used since ancient times for body art and hair color. It has always been popular in North Africa and the Middle East and India where it first started as body art. Lately henna designs for hands and feet are becoming hugely popular all over the world.

Henna is a powdered plant that needs to be mixed with some common items like lemon or tea in order to draw out the staining molecules. It’s then applied in designs to skin where it will slowly stain skin cells first an orange, then darken to deep brown or black. The longer you leave it on, the better the design takes.

It’s important to mix your henna properly so that the stain can be fully pulled from the powder and sink into skin. With tea, sugar, oils and a few other ingredients, you can easily make your own usable henna dye. Except for the henna itself, most of the ingredients are common household staples.

When the henna dries, it will start to crack. This is a sign the plant solution is leaving the dye behind and an indicator it’s time to rinse off the dried solution.

Henna dyes hands and feet the best since the skin is thicker there. It can dye any part of the body though so use care when putting it on. There are thousands of design templates to be found online or you can make your own. Have some fun with an ancient body art technique and make your own henna paste for dying.

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How to mix Henna Paste:

How to apply Henna Paste Into A Design:

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