RecipesHomemade Herbal Beer Recipe

Homemade Herbal Beer Recipe

Learn how to make homemade herbal beer. This recipe makes a batch of five gallons and is made mostly of foraged herbs that you might find around your homestead.

A lot of people think that a glass of red wine is a healthy drink but did you know that beer is also a great option? According to Home Brewtique, when taken in moderation, beer has been proven and tested to have numerous health benefits.

Homemade Herbal Beer Recipe

And for you to enjoy your beer to the fullest, brewing your own beer right in the comforts of your home is such a great idea.
ECKraus states that brewing beer using herbs is not really a new fad or even a product of the latest boom in craft beer. Before hops rose to popularity hundreds of years ago, a plethora of spices and herbs provided the flavoring and bitter characteristics to balance the malty sweetness of beer.

Brewing beer using herbs was the custom. With the addition of herbs in your homebrew, you will be able to recreate ancient beer styles and even unleash your creative spirit to come up with something completely new.

Based on BeerSmith, there are numerous medical studies that show that alcohol, appropriately used in moderation at 1 to 2 drinks a day can offer a host of benefits. As expected, drinking too much will have a big negative effect so it is recommend to drink in moderation at all times.

Dark beers, in addition, provide most of the same benefits like dark wines when it comes to high flavinoid content for promoting a healthier heart. All-natural ingredients that include a solid dose of brewer’s years offer secondary health benefits.

Heidi from Healing Harvest Homestead, a survivalist, prepper, and herbalist who uses foraged plants, shares her own recipe on how to brew herbal beer. The article lists down the simple steps you have to follow so you can come up with your own home brew that will let you enjoy all the benefits of beer and home brewing as a whole.

Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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