Emergency PreparednessHomemade Hollow Emergency Survival Walking Staff

Homemade Hollow Emergency Survival Walking Staff

This step by step tutorial of how to make a homemade hollow emergency survival walking staff DIY project is simple to make and fill with mini preparedness supplies.

There’s a reason why Boy Scouts have the motto, “Always be prepared.” When you’re out hunting, camping or any other adventures in the wilderness, you should always have a survival pack and survival walking staff with you that will see you through your needs.

Anything can happen while when you’re out in the woods, so this survival walking staff you carry can make all the difference for you if you run into so unforeseen trouble. Some of the ones you can purchase made up at your local retailer can be quite bulky, even heavy, and burdensome. When you don’t want or need the extra weight but do want the essentials mini supplies enclosed.

Pair of PaceMaker “Journey” Antishock Trekking Poles with Attachments and Extended Life Vulcanized Rubber Feet. (Black)
Homemade Hollow Emergency Survival Walking Staff

You will find this survival walking staff is unique. It’s actually a walking stick with the supplies you’ll need nestled inside. This survival walking staff is the best one you can make on your own. The walking stick can help you pick your way through the woods with, scout the next couple feet for venomous snakes or/and help with a sprained ankle should you take a fall. Live the motto “Be Prepared” and you won’t find yourself regretting the money you spent on the supplies or the time it takes you to assemble it. With a little time and effort, you’ll be ready to use this cool kit on your next journey into a hike in the woods.

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Melissa Francis
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