CraftsHomemade Homesteading Easter Egg Baskets Craft Project

Homemade Homesteading Easter Egg Baskets Craft Project

This homemade homesteading Easter egg baskets craft project is detailed in this step by step tutorial to create a truly beautiful and functional. These old fashioned baskets were made to the delight of children through out the ages and believe it or not, people do actually make their own Easter baskets still. Families find new ways to dye and decorate eggs each year, so why not treat baskets with the same DIY spirit?

Homemade Homesteading Easter Egg Baskets Craft Project

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Kids will love to mix together the sugar water mixture that holds the project together and the end result will make your home festive just in time for the Easter Bunny to make his appearance.


Large latex balloon

3 bundles of 100% cotton yarn (string)

Ribbons and lace


Decorative add ons


Sugar – One part warm water to two parts sugar

Hot glue gun


Approx. 9 drops of food color for pastel sugar (optional) Add to sugar water if you want to color your Easter basket.

Mixing bowl

Straight pin

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Melissa Francis
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