CraftsHomemade Homesteading Name Wood Sign Craft Project

Homemade Homesteading Name Wood Sign Craft Project

This Homemade Homesteading Name Wood Sign Craft Project is a fun way to help finalize the offical naming of your homestead. Have you picked a name yet ? Hopefully this craft project, just might inspire you to do so….

Homemade Homesteading Name Wood Sign Craft Project - The Homestead Survival

Shiplap is a wooden board that is used for the exterior walls when building homes, sheds, and other outside structures. With this type of board, you can create your own sign to hang up on the wall with a decorative logo on it. Get some 1 x 6” wood that you can either cut yourself to make the groove along the edges or buy them pre-made. Make sure each board is the same length and thickness. Measure, mark, and cut to get the proper shiplap look with opposite grooves that can be glued together.

Then, for paint, do it now because it will be much easier. To make it easier to hold the entire piece, carve out two short and two long pieces to nail along the back end. For the frame, cut out a similar thickness the will overlap the edges, then nail them on. Paint them first before doing so. If there are any drill holes, use wood filler to cover them up. Once all of that is done, next comes the letters for your graphic logo. Print it out with the laser cutter and spray paint the letters. Carefully lay them out the way it is supposed to and then use adhesive to glue them on.

With several pieces of wood nailed and glued together topped with a logo or design, a shiplap sign creates a 3D touch that makes it attractive to hang up in a room. Get creative with something that inspires you and make it last.

Tools needed for this great project:

Table saw

Miter saw

Brad nail gun


Dado stack

Wood filler


Montana Gold spray paint

Glowforge laser cutter (there are now 3 models to choose from…Basic model is fine)

Click here to read about how to make this Homemade Homesteading Name Wood Sign Craft Project:

Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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