Natural Beauty RecipesHomemade Honey Coconut Body Butter Lotion

Homemade Honey Coconut Body Butter Lotion

This homemade Honey Coconut body butter lotion is super simple to make, inexpensive and so soothing to your skin. Now that winters are here, our skin needs extra attention and care. Winters tend to make skin dry and irritable and people need to keep their skins moisturized at all times.

Women especially have trouble with dry skin on face, hands, elbows, knees and heels (feet). This lotion works at moisturizing through the cracks towards the deepest layers of damaged skin.

 Homemade Honey Coconut Body Butter Lotion

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Honey and coconut are both rich and extremely good for any and all skin types and can heal your skin like nothing else. Not only is this body butter easy to make it is also much less expensive than the ones found in the market. And the best part is there are no chemicals or steroids mixed in this cream. It is 100% natural. A lot of people have skin allergies and often find it hard to find face products that would suit them but since this is made at home it is not likely to cause any allergic reactions.

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