Medical & HealthHomemade Ice Pack- It Freezes Into A Gel Recipe

Homemade Ice Pack- It Freezes Into A Gel Recipe

Instead of spending money on an ice pack, make this homemade ice pack and save. It freeze into a gel so it will conform to any shape on your body. It refreezes for multiple uses and costs just pennies to make.


Homemade Ice Pack


1/4 cup Dawn dish soap

1 cup Rubbing alcohol

2 cups water

2 Gallon size Ziplock bags or use your Foodsaver machine

1 Disposable diaper

Turn disposable diaper wrong side out and insert it into the ziplock bag.

In a large bowl, add all the other ingredients.

Pour the mixed liquids into the bag with the diaper.
Firmly seal the ziplock bag working out as much air as possible so it will lay flat in the freezer.

Put the first full sealed ziplock bag inside another ziplock bag….make sure the seal is firmly closed.

At this point, if you have a Foodsaver machine – enclose and vacuum seal inside a Foodsaver bag.

Place fully sealed bag in the freezer…. it will not freeze solid but into a gel that will allow you to wrap a knee elbow or shoulder as well as a shin and it can conform to most any place because it won’t be solid.

Use for twenty minutes at a time and refreeze when done so it can be reused again when needed.

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Melissa Francis
Melissa Francis
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