Emergency PreparednessHomemade Inward Heat Reflector Sleeping Bag Cover

Homemade Inward Heat Reflector Sleeping Bag Cover

This Homemade Inward Heat Reflector Sleeping Bag Cover is a simple concept of using your own body heat to keep you nice and warm.

Homemade Inward Heat Reflector Sleeping Bag Cover

This is about using what you have to get what you want. This is nothing but creative thinking….Frugal and Functional . You can look around you and make the best of what you see. Nothing really has just one use – You just have to open your mind and see what something can become.

This writer found a way to keep himself warm with less than $10. Have you ever put your windshield heat reflectors to another use? Here is one. The writer had one windshield reflector and he bought another with just $7. He sewed the two together and in such a way that he could put his sleeping bag inside.

The reflector has the ability to keep you warm all the night. This little invention can be used while camping in the great outdoors, sleeping in your house but trying to keep your electric ultily bill down and it can also be used in crisis situation like when you have evacuated your home.

The reflector reflects most of your body heat back to you, keeping you warm all through the night.

Materials and Tools needed:

car windscreen heat reflectors or foam padded reflective pad – (Buy here from Amazom to support our website)

Sewing machine


Cloak thread (very strong) – (Buy here from Amazon to support of website)

measuring tape

Directions: Measured the outside of your sleeping bag, add a couple of inches as a seam allowance and sew 3 sides. Easy Peasy !

Apart from creativity, you should always think outside the box to come up with wonderful projects like this. This little project actually proves that any idea that can be conceived can equally be achieved.

What makes the whole project more amazing is the fact that the writer spent only $7. The idea behind sharing this article is to inspire you to create some homemade items too. It is just to trigger your creativity. Please share it after reading it.

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Melissa Francis
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