RecipesHomemade Italian Vegetable Giardiniera Recipe

Homemade Italian Vegetable Giardiniera Recipe

Homemade Italian vegetable giardiniera recipe is a delicious mix of fresh vegetables that soak in a salt brine to create fermentation.

Benefits of following the Giardiniera – Your next favorite ferment

● Includes a complete list of the necessary ingredients (as well as optional choices)

● Recipe has an easy to follow step by step instruction guide

● Has numerous full color images that depict different steps of the recipe

● It is presented in an easy to read format to ensure that it turns out right

Homemade Italian Vegetable Giardiniera Recipe

Store brand Giardiniera often lack much of the healthy, beneficial goodness that you will find in a homemade jar. The manufacturing process of foods that are designed to be put on shelves for an extended period time require certain types additives and at the same time nutrients are stripped away. A recipe like this is extremely useful and often allows for optional changes.

Providing healthier foods these days has been a main focus for many families today. Unfortunately, much of what you find in grocery stores these days are not anywhere near as healthy as they want you to believe. So you are either stuck eating subpar quality foods or you have to create your own version and use your own fresh vegetables. Giardiniera is also known as Italian Pickled Vegetables, it can be prepared easily and stored in the pantry alongside all of your other canned foods.

Giardiniera is a very versatile condiment that can be used on a variety of different foods such as bratwurst, bruschetta, burgers, pasta salad, eggs (omelets), hot dogs, tuna salad, sandwiches, and much more. In the U.S. it is not uncommon to use giardiniera even on pasta or, in the Chicago area, pizza.


cauliflower florets
red, yellow or orange bell pepper, ¼-inch thick slices
thinly sliced carrots
thinly sliced celery
garlic cloves, peeled and thinly sliced
Serrano pepper (or more to taste) seeded or not and thinly sliced
bay leaves
sprigs fresh thyme


unrefined salt


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