KnittingHomemade Knitted Lacy Shawl Pattern Ravelry Favorite

Homemade Knitted Lacy Shawl Pattern Ravelry Favorite

This homemade knitted lacy Alfinchen shawl pattern ravelry favorite is a generous gift from another homesteader who wants to inspire other people to embrace the back to the basics skill of knitting. After all your hard work, you get to snuggle up and wear your artwork on a cool fall day.

Homemade Knitted Lacy Shawl Pattern Ravelry Favorite

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Alfinchen knitting pattern is a unique pattern for making lace shawls. Knitting patterns are unique languages of knitting that uses many abbreviations and terms that tend to save space and makes patterns easier to understand.

What we have here is a Homemade knitting pattern that may seem challenging for new knitters, but studying the design one line after the other begins to give clear meaning to the knitter.

When using this knitting pattern, you may find that most abbreviations may be difficult to understand; the Chart should guide you on what you are supposed to be doing, and many of the abbreviation contained here are simple for knitters to understand.

So the first thing you need to do is to become familiar with the Knitting Chart key and its representations.

The alfinchen pattern chart contains clear illustrations on the following:

Chart Key

Yarn type


Needle type

Crochet needle

More to these are the explanation of the different labeled steps that have been made available in this post.

Equipped with the knitting chart of the Alfinchen, a visual person may take to knitting quite quickly with little practice, but more practice may be required for some other person who needs written instructions. I can advise that by being patient and consistent with good practice, knitting the Alfinchen will become easier with time. I can only wish you good luck as you begin your journey with this unique knitting pattern, its chart, and its guides

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