DessertsHomemade Kolaczki or Polish Cream Cheese Cookies

Homemade Kolaczki or Polish Cream Cheese Cookies

If you love kolaczki the you will love having this recipe to make your very own at home. Homemade kolaczki are perfect anytime and they are a wonderful addition to and Christmas cookie tray. Polish cuisine has greatly evolved over the centuries and has become very diverse due to Poland’s history. The Polish cuisine is very much like the other Central European cuisines and is known to be very hearty and filling.

Homemade Kolaczki or Polish Cream Cheese Cookies

Polish food is known to be wonderful with absolutely rich filling main dishes and is incomplete without the amazing desserts which is the reason Polish cuisine is so famous. Polish desserts are full of cookies, pastries and cakes which are renowned for their delicious taste. A number of Polish desserts like Babka, Chalka and Packzi are some of the famous Polish desserts. There are numerous recipes and versions for different tastes when it comes to Polish desserts so all can get a treat.
Kolaczki happens to be the most popular desserts. Polish kolaczki are folded envelope-like cookies that have fruit fillings or sweet cheese and lightly dusted with powdered sugar are a treat to the taste buds. They are quite easy to make and wil be devoured in no time. A number of fillings can be used to make Polish Kolaczki.


What is really nice about these is that you can make and fill them then pop them into the freezer until you need them. Take them out and bake straight from the freezer, no thawing needed. See this recipe from Barbara Rolek to make these amazing Polish cream cheese filled dessert and try at your next dinner party!


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