Homemade Light Up Wood Headboard DIY Project

This homemade light up wood headboard DIY project is a beautiful addition to a bedroom furniture that adds a relaxing glow. The lights add a very unique touch and it can be patterned after almost anything that comes to your mind. The project is really easy to follow and does not require a whole lot of DIY experience.

Homemade Light Up Wood Headboard DIY Project

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This headboard as many of them use unique materials and finishes to combine to create customized headboards. This project is a fine example of the kind of headboard you can create using this DIY project.

Materials and Tools needed:

3 – 6 foot 1×10″ alder boards for front (the length will depend on the width of your bed – these measurements are for a standard king)
1 – 6 foot 1×4″ alder boards for top (adjust length to width of your bed)
2 – 5 foot 1×4″ alder boards for sides
2 – 29.25x1x6″ alder boards for legs
6 – 1 foot 2×4″ any type of wood
2″ screws
polyurethane or stain
black paint
1 light switch/outlet and faceplate
3-5 strands white Christmas lights (this will vary depending on the length of your word(s) and the spacing of your lights)
1 extension cord
2 carriage bolts

Are you like so many sleeping on a bed without a headboard? Simply sleeping on a box spring, mattress and frame without a headboard, seems like it would make any bedroom look incomplete. Headboards can be found in many different shapes, made from a myriad of materials and several sizes. The important thing is finding one that fits in with your room’s decor.

● Add a bit of character to your otherwise boring bedroom with an unique headboard

● Project includes a full list of all necessary materials, supplies and tools

● It also includes a complete, easy to read and follow step-by-step instruction guide

● Also has several full color photos that depicts many of the stages of the project

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