DIY ProjectsHomemade Lumber Rack for Wood Storage Project

Homemade Lumber Rack for Wood Storage Project

This Homemade Lumber Rack for Wood Storage Project is just what every homestead workshop garage needs to organize it lumber. We all know that being properly organized can cut half the time off any project. These L shaped supported shelves use the unused space on any wall.

Homemade Lumber Rack for Wood Storage Project

Start building the lumber rack by cutting or buying L-shaped brackets for shelves. For the top frame, have it at 45mm x 20 x 230mm. For the back frame, have it at 45mm x 20mm x 200mm. For the supporting frame, have it at 45mm x 45mm x 200mm. When they are cut, use wood glue and screwsto connect them in making tightened joints. Get anchor bolts because they can help in maintaining the rack holding plenty of weight. The bolts should be 8mm to drill in through a distance of 40mm so it can hold between 350lbs. to700lbs.

When installing into a wall, make sure to wind the nut all they way through because they need a simple tap using a hammer to fix it in place. Use four 90mm x 40mm beams and cut them to 840mm each for the supports. Use 2 anchor bolts for each support and drill a 8mm pilot hole for the bolt.Drilling a 22-millimeter spade bit in can tighten it in order to hold the weight. The L brackets then are attached to each of the supports with 4 screws and wood glue – 2 on the top and two on the bottom.

This rack willbe sturdy and last awhile wherever it’s built. It is meant to carry heavy books and even store tools, if built in the woodshop. The rack is for anything because it’s a heavy-duty piece, which can look fresh in any place.

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Melissa Francis
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