DIY ProjectsHomemade Metal Foundry with Gas Aluminium Melting DIY Project

Homemade Metal Foundry with Gas Aluminium Melting DIY Project

This Homemade Metal Foundry with Gas Aluminium Melting DIY Project is brilliant and totally do-able. More than 1000°C(1832ºF)! There are so many things you can do once you learn this skill.

Homemade Metal Foundry with Gas Aluminium Melting DIY Project - The Homestead Survival - Homesteading - Metalwork

Get the following: one 12-Liter iron bucket, 22-lbs of refractory concrete, 5 refractory bricks, one iron tube with a 10-inch diameter, one iron tube with a 3.15-inch diameter, a Butane Repsol gas tank and its connector and tube clamp, and one leaf blower. Yes, there is a lot of investment in creating a metal foundry, but this is what it takes plus more for a regular sized one.

First, drill a 25-mm hole in one of the bricks and make it at 30 to 45º angle. Cut another brick in half as the entrance of the foundry. Then, place the brick at a spot that will be set to make the hole in the bucket, one at 25 mm. Next, make some fireproof concrete, a project in itself; follow the directions carefully to mix up solid concrete. Afterwards, water the bricks and the bucket which will help make a concrete base. Then, put one half brick in and pour concrete on its corners and sides. Hold the brick structure still and fill it up with more concrete. To do that, use the bigger steel tube to put through. Cap it with something heavy and airtight.

Take the smaller front tube and flatten the tip to cut down on the gas being released. With a screw clamp, attach the tube to the gas connector. Now, you have to test it to see if there is any leaks. Do that by soaking the junction with some soap in the water and close the pipe with your finger. Open the gas a little bit;if there is no bubbles, there is no leakage. Make the adjustment, if necessary. (Note: this is a bit dangerous, so be extra careful.) Let it dry for a couple of weeks. Then, you can heat it from the bottom and make your castings.

How to make a metal foundry that works with gas. Copper melting tested! More than 1000°C!

Materials and Tools:

3.17 gallon iron bucket

22 lbs Refractory concrete

5 Refractory bricks

10 inch diameter iron tube

3.15 inch diameter iron tube Butane Repsol gas tank

Butane Tank Connector

Butane Tube Clamp

Leaf Blower Crucible

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