Natural Beauty RecipesHomemade Moisturizing Baby Wipes

Homemade Moisturizing Baby Wipes

Here is an amazingly simple way to make re useable Homemade Moisturizing Baby Wipes that can be used for so many ways beyond just a baby’s bottom.   You can use a roll of paper towels cut in half if you do not want re useable cloth wipes… these you can throw away. You will have to use a plastic tupperware type container to fit a the halved paper towel roll.  If you are uncomfortable using baby lotion, replace that ingredient with coconut oil.

Clean shoes, dust cloths, clean bathroom fixtures, remove stains from carpet, clean computer keyboard, remove makeup, clean blackboards, great for quick clean up in the car, wipe down a stroller or shopping cart, clean your pooch’s feet after playing at the park before getting into your car, clean up inside of a car when stuck in traffic and it is a great pen, pencil, crayon remover.

Homemade Moisturizing Baby Wipes

Here are a few bonus ways to use them: Wiping up spills, use them to “freshen” yourself up after a workout but short on time, wiping down a public toilet and cleaning kid’s toys.

Click here to read how to make re useable Homemade Moisturizing Baby Wipes:


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