DIY ProjectsHomemade Multiple Stepped Wood Planter DIY Project

Homemade Multiple Stepped Wood Planter DIY Project

Homemade Multiple Stepped Wood Planter DIY Project is a great to create a strong support shelf to showcase all your beautiful flower pots.

3 tier plant stand has a design that shelves that are sized and spaced so that larger items rest on the bottom and middle levels, while smaller ones sit on the top shelf.

Homemade Multiple Stepped Wood Planter DIY Project

Get three step supports that are cut at 5.5 inches long, with the planter’s depth at 23.6 inches. Each shelf should be 17.7 inches high. When it comes to constructing the backside, do so on a flattened surface. Get a parallel frame and the three perpendicular supports. The assembly with the back frame should connect the pieces together. Mark and saw them so they can come together.

Saw the timbers and put on sealant to the joints on the inside. Have it dry overnight. Now, get the back frame piece, angled, and lay it crosswiseon the frame’s backside. Make sure the frame’s top and bottom are 70 inches and screw the angled piece on the frame’s back to stop any twisting. The screws can be screwed into the joints.

Now, get the 2 x 2 feet and connect it to the 1 x 1 slabs. The slabs must sit in with one flank of the bottom planks and the gap will be where the A-Frame sits. Drill holes and nailusing threeextended screws in each hole. Next, drill some holes through the parallel supports and ends. The blocks connected to the bases should sit on opposite ends of the sides where the holes we be drilled and those blocks mustbe in the upward direction. Slide through the bolts and nuts on. Make sure right angles are being made between the base and parallel pieces before strengthening the bolts. Use a flattened surface to help get it right before screwing the bolts on.

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Basic Materials:

Step supports: 215mmx20mmx1.4m (or 1′ by 9′ by 4.6ft) planed pine x 3 lengths

Step platforms: planed pine 215mmx20mmx1.8m (or 1′ by 9′ by 5.9ft) x 3 lengths

Frame verticals: 38mmx38mmx1.2m (or 2′ by 2′ by 3.9ft) x 3 lengths of treated pine

Frame back angle piece: at least 19mmx19mm (or 1′ by 1′) in cross section and at least 2.16m long x 1 length

Frame horizontals: 38mmx38mmx1.8m (or 2′ by 2′ by 5.9ft) x 4 lengths of treated pine

Frame feet: 38mmx38mmx0.6m (or 2′ by 2′ by 2ft) x 3 lengths of treated pine

Feet blocks: 19mmx19mm (or 1′ by 1′) treated pine approximately 215mm long x 3.

Right angle brackets x 6

Long coach bolts at least 76mm long x 4

Exterior wood paint or sealant

Assortment of screws and nails

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