Natural RemediesHomemade Natural Master Cleanse And Antibiotic

Homemade Natural Master Cleanse And Antibiotic

Here is a recipe to make your own master cleanse and antibiotic using all natural items. This works like an antibiotic in the body and it also has anti fungal and anti viral properties. I love that it only has natural ingredients, most of which we all probably have right in our kitchens.

Yvonne Holterman

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Once you have made this master cleanse and allowed it to ferment, the solids are strained out and the liquid is put into a jar and taken on a daily basis. The tonic does not need refrigeration and the solids you took out of the liquid can be added to soups or stews and used rather than throwing that healthy stuff away.   Yvonne Holterman shares the recipe for the master cleanse on Enlightened Consciousness.

The tonic is made of mostly vegetables and herbs along with apple cider vinegar and she explains what each ingredient does for your body when it is used in this recipe. I need to make some for the cold and flu season that is coming, She also says the tonic will help with blood circulation and will help to strengthen the immune system. 


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