Homemade Nettle Ravioli


           Now that the weeds are back you can probably find some nettles and give his recipe a try. It is nettle ravioli made with nettle pasta so you get double th nettles all in one dish. I love the pretty green color. The ravioli is filled with a mixture of potato, nettles and some delicious mascarpone. It sounds delicious and I need to go find some nettles. I see a few along te edges of the yard sometime but not enough to make anything with.

          Since I found this post by Honest Food I am super curious to try it and see how good it is. I like the filling ingredients called for in the recipe so i feel pretty certain it will be a hit. I wonder if it would be good made with other herbs like maybe basil, hmmm, I will have to try some of the filling with basil when I make it with the nettles. If you are into foraging wild foods to add to your food sources then here is a good way to add nettles to the menu.



Read more>>>>>      http://honest-food.net/2013/04/21/nettle-ravioli-recipe/



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