CraftsHomemade No Waste Fabric Twine for Crafting

Homemade No Waste Fabric Twine for Crafting

This step by step tutorial of how to make homemade no waste fabric twine for crafting is a great way to re-purpose scraps of fabric into a functional item. You can use the twine for all kind of things like material to use while knitting or crocheting. It can be weaved into bracelets, necklaces, trim for decorative pillows, incorporated into sewing clothing or made into rugs.

Homesteaders are know for learning how use every part of everything with very little waste. The saying “Waste not – Want not” is so true…. Repurposing is the process of taking the things we already have and putting them to use in new ways.

Homemade No Waste Fabric Twine for Crafting

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Having a ton of scrap fabric around can be a fact of life for many sewers and crafters alike. It comes with the territory if you think about it. We create these beautiful works of art, but we also accumulate leftovers that we put to the side because we just know that they can be used in other projects.

We do this until we look over one day and the pile has grown into a veritable mound of scrap fabric. We begin to wonder if we should not just let it go, but then we also want to keep it because we are still so sure that we are going to use it again. Well, why not repurpose it like you have been planning? How can you do this you ask? Well, it’s actually a fairly easy and fun process where you take all of your scrap fabric leftover from previous projects and create your own fabric twine that is colorful and bright.

This twine can be used for any number of future projects and uses as you create spools of it. Besides the scrap fabric pile you have accumulated, you will also need some scissors, spools or cardboard, and lots of free time to make your very own fabric twine. The rest is so easy you may yourself looking for more scraps once you have finished with your pile. You just never knew what new project you can use your new twine on, creating pretty bows or ties that take your project to a whole new level.

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