DIY ProjectsHomemade Oak Plank Wood Table Project

Homemade Oak Plank Wood Table Project

This homemade oak plank wood table project is a gorgeous furniture piece that functions as artwork as much as purpose.

Homemade Oak Plank Wood Table Project

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There are a lot of DIY projects for making your own furniture but using reclaimed wood can lead to creating a real heirloom piece.

Wood can be considered reclaimed even if you pick it up from an old barn on the property but if you’re looking for something with historical significance, there are lumber companies selling wood from dismantled buildings even in cities.

Reclaimed wood can also lend itself to unique items. It’s unlikely you’ll find a grain or color match in the typical retailer’s line of lumber. It’s also been through some weathering so won’t expand or bend as easily as fresh untreated wood.

Working with it is not much different than working with mass produced lumber but you will need to sand it a lot. It might contain old nails and metal chips so sanding, re-sanding and then examining it again will create the smoothest surface for staining.

If you have the proper size, a dining table can be produced that won’t need a tablecloth cover and has the potential to last for more than one generation.

Using table length beams will require a planer and shop tools. Once cut into boards and attached to metal feet, you can create an heirloom trestle table. The feet on this project are metal and wood from the same reclaimed planks but sit under the table instead of at the corners.

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