Homemade Orange Rolls


If you like cinnamon rolls, then you will like these homemade orange rolls. I love rolls. At my house we have cinnamon, raspberry, cardamom, lemon and now orange rolls. It always depends on what I am in the mood for as to which flavor of rolls we end up with. Sometimes we want the warm flavor of the spices, cinnamon and cardamom both make delicious rolls but other times the craving is for something fruity.

Homemade Orange Rolls

When I make raspberry rolls I like to roll out the dough and where you usually brush the butter on I put a spread of hazelnut. Then a layer of raspberry jam. It is such a fantastic combination. The chocolate nutty flavor with the raspberry just goes together so well. This orange is such a bright sunny color it is perfect for early morning.

Such a cheery color and taste to wake up to. The only thing I do different is I always use brown sugar in place of white in my rolls. The brown sugar provide a depth to the flavors that you just don’t get with plain white sugar. This orang roll recipe is from Lemon Sugar. One of these and a cup of coffee or tea is perfect for spring and summer breakfast or mis morning snack.

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