DIY ProjectsHomemade Outdoor Garden Couch Project

Homemade Outdoor Garden Couch Project

How to build a homemade outdoor garden couch project is detailed in this step by step tutorial. Building up your backyard seating can be one of the best ways to find some creative expression for you as the proud homestead homeowner.
Homemade Outdoor Garden Couch Project

When it comes to deciding what works best for your backyard, you may find yourself scouring through pictures of patios and garden seating that you may want to try. With so many options, you will find that some of the best ones are those where the seating works well with the natural surroundings of your garden outdoor space.

What makes this one so great is, that you can use recycled wooden pallets and/or recycled wood to reduce the cost of the project. You will see lovely the outdoor couch is when completely assembled.

With this project, you will find that the overall costs are a lot lower than you would find for anything pre-assembled of the same size. You will also have the added bonus that you did this on your own…. pride and bragging rights.

To get yourself started, you will want to find the best location within your backyard and garden while you work. Obtaining all the necessary supplies, such as some frames, nails and screws, decking material, varnish or stain, and some seat cushions – makes the building process go smoothly.

Have fun as you build and remind yourself of the amazing seating for your guests at future parties. You may even find yourself wandering out here on your quiet nights to relax and enjoy the view your garden at nights. What is there not to love about creating a beautiful outdoor relaxation space?

Materials list

4 x 2 for frames 3.5m per frame 7 frames

4 inch nails 3kg

2 inch screws (1/2 box)

18mm decking 70m

1 sheet 18mm ply

3 sheets 12mm ply

35mm screws

Black builders plastic free from skip


Seat cushions

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