CraftsHomemade Paper Card Quilled Mandala Craft Project

Homemade Paper Card Quilled Mandala Craft Project

How to make a homemade paper card quilled mandala craft project is a wonderfully beautiful craft that is actually very calming to relieve stress…. plus you get an amazing gift to share with a friend.

Homemade Paper Card Quilled Mandala Craft Project

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A Mandala is a spiritual symbol that represents the universe, encompassing the whole. Quilling is an art involving strips of paper that are rolled, shaped, and glued together to create decorative designs. Being able to quill a Mandala is an eye-popping, handcrafted piece of work that is enjoyable, for the artsy kind. With plenty of patience, anything can be made.

For supplies, get quilling paper, paper glue, cardboard, and colored paper – any needed for the design and look of the Mandala. Come up with the design in mind and build on it from the
start. Prepare the base of it by measuring the diameter of the circle. Once the basic shapes are decided upon, arrange them in patterns. Create new shapes by playing around with the strips and mold them. Cut up the paper into 5mm strips – a Mandala usually uses around 3000 of them. Glue it onto the cardboard at the exact design wanted and let it dry.

Homemade Paper Card Quilled Mandala Craft Project
Paper Quilling DIY Kits with 30 Colors Quilling Strips and Tools

The art of quilling involves molding any strip into any shape or pattern that will express feelings. Geometrically, a Mandala is a design that is circle-centric, giving it a 3D-ish look when it is all connected together because it is a bunch of circles on one large circle. From a distance, it is an admirable piece of work to hang onto a wall. For the arts & crafts type, this is a project worth doing.

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