DIY ProjectsHomemade Paracord Tool Handle Grip Project

Homemade Paracord Tool Handle Grip Project

This homemade Paracord tool handle grip project is a step by step tutorial for weaving paracord wrapping on a tool for a better grip. Yes, this creates a helpful way to grip the tool but it adds a bonus of of having a supply of emergency cordage if needed.

Everyday we use tools in order to accomplish tasks that are needed to be done. Many of these tools come with long handles to make using them more effective, these include hammers, axe, knives and clubs. The problem is more often than not these tools rarely come with any type of hand grip, this makes it tough to use in different weather conditions. Unfortunately, because many of these tools come with unique handles it is not always easy to come up with something that will make them more comfortable to grip for long periods of time.

Homemade Paracord Tool Handle Grip Project

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One solution is to wrap the handle with a material that makes it more comfortable to handle and grip onto for safety purposes. One such material is parachute cord and because it comes in a wide variety of colors, it will look good as well as be functional. Paracord is very strong and durable, which will stand up to years of use.

Benefits of using the Do it Yourself Paracord Handle Grip Installation

● Shows in great detail how to install the hand grip correctly
● Has multiple full color images and diagrams depicting the instructions
● The result is a fully functional handgrip
● Paracord will last for many uses

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