CanningHomemade Pectin Made From Apples for Canning Recipe

Homemade Pectin Made From Apples for Canning Recipe

This Homemade Pectin Made From Apples for Canning Recipe is another great step towards self sufficiency in the homestead kitchen.

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One of the keys to frugal and homestead living is making as much of the foods that you serve to your family meals. This also means growing and preserving the fruits that you use in your jellies and jams.

While most of the ingredients for jam and jellies are freshly grown in the garden, but typically most people use store brand pectin.

Pectin is a polysaccharide and water-soluble fiber that is part of plants’ cell walls. It occurs naturally in many fruits, especially apples and citrus. Extracted pectin is used as a thickening agent in jams and jellies.

The recipe was shared with everyone who visits in hopes to help them understand that anyone can make their own all natural pectin instead of having to rely on store-bought. The recipe for making pectin includes a complete list of all of the necessary ingredients that you will need to get in order to get started.

Fruit Pectin

Wash, but don’t peel, about seven large tart apples. Cut them into pieces and add four cups of water and two tablespoons of lemon juice. Boil the mixture for 40 minutes, then strain it through a diaper or cheesecloth. Finally, boil the juice for another 20 minutes, pour it into sterilized jars, and seal them.

However, this article and included recipe were written and prepared in hopes to introduce the reader to a very helpful method for make homemade jellies and jams.

This homemade apple pectin is not going to be like the commercially mass produced powder stuff. It will be a be runny liquid that is not uniform in taste and set up ability from batch to batch. You will have to be flexible and work with it.

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