DIY ProjectsHomemade Picture Frame Jewelry Organizer

Homemade Picture Frame Jewelry Organizer

This step by step tutorial of how to make a homemade picture frame jewelry organizer is an inexpensive way showcase your pretty jewelry.  It is a good way to keep your jewelry from becoming tangled.

Do you have a spare decorative picture frame from a yard sale just waiting for your next creative craft project? You should consider turning that frame into a jewelry organizer.
Homemade Picture Frame Jewelry Organizer

Do you have a spare frame just sitting around or have you come across one that looked so unique? Well, if you do, you may already have an idea what you’d like to use for this frame as part of your home. If not, then you should try out this really beautiful DIY project below. You’ll love the accent of the frame’s design as part of your décor when you consider what you can place upon it. Did you know that your frame could make the prettiest jewelry organizer? It’s actually perfect for hanging earrings that you want to showcase and have on-hand at any given time for your everyday needs.

It is actually perfect for hanging earrings and necklaces that you want to easy access to. There is something simple and easy about having your jewelry in plain sight so you can picture them as an accessories to your outfits.

You do not even need much to make the conversion complete. You will not need the glass or the backing that comes with the picture frame since you will be replacing it with chicken wire. This is great addition to hang somewhere in your bedroom or bathroom. You may want to consider some paint to give it vintage charm.

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