Food Storage & SkillsHomemade Plastic Packets Hot Cocoa Pouches Project

Homemade Plastic Packets Hot Cocoa Pouches Project

this Homemade Plastic Packets Hot Cocoa Pouches Project is a great way to use your Seal A Meal machine for frugal food storage.

Homemade Plastic Packets Hot Cocoa Pouches Project

When you go camping, having the ability to make hot cocoa or coffee out there is helpful. Carrying around your thermal bottles with dry grind coffee and packets of sugar and cream is part of the fun in camping, where you can drink an essential on those cold mornings. But it’s a lot to carry around and you should be able to carry less stuff within your thermal mug. Here’s something that helps carry the ingredients all at once. Get the following things: food saver machine, plastic bag (one of top quality), funnel, spoons, scissors, drink powder, sweetener, and, if necessary, whitener.

First, take the plastic bag and slice it with the food saver into small pieces of tubes. It can be either long and thin or short and fat. Then, cut off one of side to make an opening and cut the tubes apart. Next, put the funnel over the open end of the tube and slowly pour in the drink powder in, sweetener, and, if you want, whitener. After, put them on the food saver, shut the lid, and vacuum seal them shut. The vacuum is to prevent the tubes from being popped open; having the air sucked out ensures it won’t pop open to make a mess.

When it’s time to have your hot coffee to get ready for the day, take the tubes out, cut them open, and throw it in the mug. Add hot water, boiled from a water source so it’s clean, and stir. It may not come from a store, but it still is warm coffee to get your morning fix.

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