RecipesHomemade Portuguese Chourico Sausage Recipe

Homemade Portuguese Chourico Sausage Recipe

This homemade portuguese chourico sausage recipe is simply delicious, simple to make and well worth the effort. It is also called “Chorizo” in Spanish culture.

Homemade Portuguese Chourico Chorizo Sausage Recipe

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This is not the same as American sausage. Known as chourico, this is a spicy kind of sausage that is cooked for any occasion and it turns out to be delicious. Start with by chopping the shoulder without going all lean and taking out the fat. Chop into small bites and add garlic cloves, bay leaves, paprika, ground red pepper, and salt. Next, mix it with some white wine – nothing fancy – and marinate it for 24 hours in a large bowl. Stir it a little bit. About halfway though, maybe put a touch of salt or ground red pepper.

After marinating, stuff the sausage with clean casings and the tube to insert it in. Before doing so, remove the cloves and leaves. Add the tiny pieces of sausage slowly into the casing. When filled, see if there are any air pockets and pop them out. Tie with cooking twine and place the sausage back in the bowl, but very carefully as they can tear.


trimmed cubed pork butt cubed

garlic cloves halved


jug Carlos Rossi rhine wine (any inexpensive white wine will do)

McCormick paprika

black pepper

ground red hot pepper

bay leaves


When it’s time to smoke them (better than grilling), put the sausages over a wooden pole and hung close enough to the fire, yet not burn quickly. Make the fire carefully for the smoking process. The fire shouldn’t be ablaze; traditionally, it should be going on for 4 days with an eye on it to make sure it cooks well. It is trickier than the stuffing process, indeed, but the end result is natural Portuguese sausage that is full of flavor and stands out in meats.

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