CleanersHomemade Powerful Shower Tub Cleaner Recipe

Homemade Powerful Shower Tub Cleaner Recipe

This homemade powerful shower tub cleaner recipe cuts through dirt and grime and rinses away easily. The two ingredients and scrubbing tool that holds the mixture are inexpensive. Weekly household cleaning chores are never fun and cleaning bathrooms have to be the worst.

 Homemade Powerful Shower Tub Cleaner Recipe

● Describes an easy way to keep your shower clean and bright

● It just involves a couple easy to follow steps that even your kids will enjoy

● You only need three common household items that you probably already have

● Includes a couple full color pictures showing the necessary items

All that scrubbing to keep everything clean and shiny can make cleaning time unbearable at times. This is especially true when it comes to the shower. With all the soap scum that gets all over and it looks nasty. It seems like it is a constant battle. Keeping the shower clean normally involves weekly scrubbing using a strong chemical laced cleaner and a whole lot of elbow grease.

There is a much safer alternative and it is one that even your kids might enjoy to help you with. Instead of waiting for the soap and water to dry on the walls of your shower, use the power of the steam from the shower and a lot less scrubbing to eliminate the need for the weekly chore that can seem like hours of backbreaking scrubbing.

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