DIY ProjectsHomemade PVC Chicken Tractor Moveable Pen Project

Homemade PVC Chicken Tractor Moveable Pen Project

This homemade PVC chicken tractor moveable pen project is a bottomless cage was designed to present the homesteader a way to give their chickens the advantage of free range and yet still keep them protected from predators. Imagine a portable chicken coop that can be easily moved around the farm providing fresh ground. This specific project includes a plan made with ultra lightweight materials.
Homemade PVC Chicken Tractor Moveable Pen Project

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It is believed that free range chickens produce much better quality eggs and meat as compared to ones that are caged up all the time. This is more than likely due to a much healthier lifestyle by not being penned up all the time and fed what are believed to be fed specialized foods (including hormones). The hormones are thought to be used to fatten up the chicken to produce more meat. However, this can easily present a challenge in keeping a large number of chickens safe from predators.


Aspen Pet Chicken Fort Run

Benefits of following the Chicken Tractor DIY Project

● Project includes a complete list of all of the necessary materials, supplies and tools needed

● It also includes an easy to read and to follow step by step instruction guide to the construction

● It includes numerous full color photos that are used to depict several stages of the construction

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