DIY ProjectsHomemade Recycled Kids Tire Teeter Totter Project

Homemade Recycled Kids Tire Teeter Totter Project

This homemade recycled child tire teeter totter project is an inexpensive way to make a rocking toy that promotes physical activity. It is presented in a way that is very easy to do and will provide a nice outside activity for the kids. This type of project does not require a whole of DIY skills and most of the stuff needed you probably already have around the house.

Homemade Recycled Kids Tire Teeter Totter Project

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Do you have some old car tires laying around the garage and wondering what to do with them? You have several options to choose from; continue to store them, dump them in the landfill or recycle them. One way to recycle or repurpose old rubber car tires would be use them to make some sort of outside toy for the kids.

Any parent/grandparent wants to encourage kids to get outside and play because we all know a tired child sleeps soundly.


similar pine cleats
fixing blocks
Spray Paint of choice
Acrylic Primer
Sealer & Undercoat
Wood Screws

Tools need:



Skill saw


Remember, to always drill holes in the base of tires to allow rainwater to drain out.

Safety gear such as bike helmets and mouth guards may be a bonus depending on how hard your kids like to play….. This DIY project is brought to you by Better Homes and Gardens Australia.

A tire seesaw is typically smaller, lighter and not anchored to the ground. This allows your play equipment to be easily moved, especially when your lawn is starting to look worn out.

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Melissa Francis
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