DIY ProjectsHomemade Recycled Wine Bottle Floor Lamp DIY Project

Homemade Recycled Wine Bottle Floor Lamp DIY Project

This homemade recycled wine bottle floor lamp diy project is detailed in a step by step tutorial that really shows us how to build, be self sufficient and not depend on buying finished products companies…. this way we have a choice.

Homemade Recycled Wine Bottle Floor Lamp DIY Project

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If you are wondering what to do with that stash of empty wine bottles from your last dinner party, there are a number of different ways you can use them. So, just resist the temptation of tossing out all of the empty glass bottles and repurpose them. This DIY project is the perfect way to use several of the bottles.


Empty wine bottles (around 6 to 8 bottles)
Metal tubing/pipe (I used spare copper piping and couplers)
Wood glue
Wood screws
3-Way Socket Make-A-Lamp Kit – Home Depot
Wood stain
Satin polyurethane
Goo gone
Sandpaper (100, 150, and 220 grit)
Waterproof sandpaper
Optional: Twine/jute rope


Electric power drill
Piece hole saw bits (size will vary based on the pole used for your lamp)
Electric saw
Dremel or rotary tool with a #561 cutting bit, #654 routing bit, and circle cutting guide
Router (with plunge and fixed bases)
Glass cutter
Propane torch (depending on how to want to cut some of your wine bottles)

This Do It Yourself project is an eco-friendly way to keep all of the glass bottle out of your local landfill. The project is presented in a way that is really easy to read and understand. All of the stuff needed for the project can easily be gotten from any supply or hardware store. The project is fairly easy and does not require a whole lot of DIY skill to put together.

Benefits of reading and following the Wine Bottle Floor Lamp DIY Project

● Create the ultimate conversation piece to add to any room in your home

● The project features a plan that includes a complete list of all the materials, supplies and tools

● The plan also includes a complete, easy to follow step by step instruction guide

● You will also find several full color pictures that provide a good visual representation

Click here to read about how to make a Homemade Recycled Wine Bottle Floor Lamp DIY Project:

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