RecipesHomemade Red Green White Jello Holiday Appetizer Recipe

Homemade Red Green White Jello Holiday Appetizer Recipe

Homemade Red Green White Jello Holiday Appetizer Recipe is perfect for quite a few holidays (Christmas, Cinco De Mayo, Birthday Parties or even a BBQ) that this colorful appetizer would thrill your guests.

Homemade Red Green White Jello Holiday Appetizer Recipe

Jell-O has been around over a hundred years, coming in multiple flavors in both made-form and in powdered packets for people to make at home. Some get the packets to make it multi-flavored and developed various ways to get fancy in a cullinary manner.

Here, is one full tri-colored watermelon Jell-O that is tasty and creative. For this creative, delicious homemade treat, buy the following: one packet each of Jell-O mix of kiwi flavor, Jell-O mix of strawberry flavor, and Jell-O of coconut flavor.

In addition, get toothpicks, plastic wrap, water, milk, and an ice tray.

First, boil 1 1/2 cup of water and mix in 6 Tablespoons of strawberry Jell-O. Let it cool down and pour the mix in each square of the ice tray, but only the first third. Now, take one and a half cups of milk, gently boil it, and add 6 Tablespoons of the white-colored coconut Jell-O. Mix and cool it, pour it in the ice cube space another one-third full.

Finally, repeat the process with 1 1/2 cup of water and 6 Tablespoons of kiwi Jell-O and fill up the the other third of the ice cube spaces to the top. Wrap the ice cube tray carefully with the plastic tightly, stick toothpicks in each square,and place in the fridge forat least 2 to 3 hours.

6 Tablespoons = 0.36 cup

Ingredients for Gummy Jell-o Slices you will need:

– 1 box Kiwi jello

– 1 box of Strawberry jello

– 1 box of Coconut jello

– box of toothpicks

– mold

– water

– milk

Depending on how cold the fridge is, and how much Jell-O was made, this could even take overnight. Test the Jell-O by pressing a finger against it. If it sticks, it’s not ready, but if it doesn’t stick to the finger, it’s ready.Simply, unwrap it and pull out the pieces.

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