DairyHomemade Red Hots Ice Cream

Homemade Red Hots Ice Cream

If you love ice cream and you love Red Hots cinnamon candy, you are going to love this homemade Red Hots ice cream. This ice cream tastes as delicious as it looks and it has that fabulous cinnamon taste that Red Hots gives. If you like a scoop of ice cream with your apple pie, you will love a scoop of this ice cream with it.

Homemade Red Hots Ice Cream

The cinnamon flavor in the ice cream goes super well with any dessert that contains cinnamon. It is delicious all by its self too. Freeze it hard in a loaf pan and then slice it and put the slices between two graham crackers for a tasty ice cream sandwich. The ice cream is super creamy and the smell of it is fantastic. This recipe was shared by Scott Swenson to All Recipes.  We really like the Red Hots at my house and my favorite candy apple has always been the one with the Red Hot candy coating. It my opinion that rate much higher than caramel apples.

The cinnamon flavor just pairs so well with the crunchy sweetness of the apple. You can try it sometime with this recipe.. Red Hot Candy Apple Recipe. There are also recipes for making candy apple jelly using Red Hots. I love the flavor of the candy so I am sure the jelly is delicious. I really need to make some soon.

Read more>>>>>    http://allrecipes.com/recipe/238018/cinnamon-red-hot-ice-cream/

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Paige Raymond
Paige Raymond
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