CanningHomemade Rhubarb Blueberry And Lime Jam

Homemade Rhubarb Blueberry And Lime Jam

        I needed to cut some of my rhubarb and remove some flower stalks this morning and I want to make some jam with what I cut. I like strawberry rhubarb jam but when I saw this rhubarb, blueberry and lime jam recipe from Laundry Etc I decided that it sounds so delicious I will make it this time and make the strawberry rhubarb later when the strawberries come in. I don’t grow blueberries so I need to run to the store to buy some to make this and I am sure I will pay dearly for them but I also know buying a jar of jam can cost a pretty penny and I have never seen a jar or rhubarb blueberry and lime jam in any store any where so in my own opinion it will be worth it.

       This recipe doesn’t make tons of jam so I am not even going to can it. I will make it and share with family so we can just keep it in the fridge as I know it isn’t going to last long. I am very glad I went to cut my rhubarb because I hadn’t realized that it had flower stalks and if you don’t cut them out your rhubarb won’t do very well at making rhubarb stalks because it will concentrate on making the flower. If you have rhubarb and need to know how to remove the flower stalks I am adding a video to show how it is done.


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How To Remove Rhubarb Flower Stalk


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Melissa Francis
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