DessertsHomemade Rhubarb Ice Cream

Homemade Rhubarb Ice Cream

        If you are on the look out for another way to use your rhubarb, here is a great way to use it to make homemade ice cream. A few simple ingredients and an ice cream maker to make a creamy sweet and tart summer treat and much easier than baking pies. I just made some fridge jam with mine.

I tried a new recipe that has rhubarb, strawberries and crushed pineapple and then is thickened using jello. It is super delicious and I loved that I could just put it in jars, let it cool and then put in the fridge. It won’t keep as long as canned but I am pretty positive it won’t last long enough to go bad either so it was a quick easy way to use my rhubarb and add jam to the fridge.

       Homemade Rhubarb Ice Cream

Now that I see this recipe for rhubarb ice cream I am sort of wishing I had seen it before the recipe for the jam because I don’t think I will have enough rhubarb this year to try it now. Oh well I am keeping this recipe to try next year unless I luck out and find some rhubarb at the store. Learning and Yearning shares this simple recipe so you can make some rhubarb ice cream at your house.

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